Welcome to Costanza’s Wallet

An old episode of Seinfeld is the inspiration for our name. In season 9, episode 12 “The Reverse Peephole,” George Costanza was toting around a wallet so thick it was causing him back pain. It was crammed with everything he thought was important and had to keep ⸺from old receipts to tear-off phone numbers from utility pole flyers offering things like free guitar lessons.

Many of us approach making money online the same way. We have a bunch of ideas and dreams that we have no idea how to make a reality. So we cram everything we can find into our approach and hope something…anything…works out. Making money online doesn’t have to be complicated. Our goal is to share with you our successes and failures so that you only have to keep the truly important things in your wallet.


This book will change your life

“This book blew my mind. More importantly, it made financial independence seem achievableI read Financial Freedom three times, cover-to-cover.” 


My biggest takeaway from this book was that just making money is not the ultimate goal. You can always make more money but not even Elon Musk can create more time.

Grant Sabatier tells his story of waking up one day in 2010 with only $2.26 in his checking account—not even enough to buy the burrito he wanted from Chipotle. 5 years later, he had a net worth of over $1.25 million and is now worth much more than that.

This book will walk you through making more money in less time to have more time in your life for the things you love. It directly challenges the narrative of working a 9-5 job all your life, saving for a modest retirement, and then punching out one last time at the age of 65. So many of the folks Grant has inspired have achieved FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) in their 30s!